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Welcome to GeoDataHub#

GeoDataHub is a fast, flexible, and secure cloud solution to handle geoscientific data sets.

Via the GeoDataHub service users can explore public data sets, upload your own raw data or interpreted geological models, making it effective to collaborate across distances.

Our primary goals are security and reliability. If you wish, you can advertise and sell your data, reaching audiences and customers across the globe. Your data is continuously backed up, stored safe and secure, and is never shared with third parties without your explicit consent.

Getting started#

GeoDataHub is designed to integrate directly with your faviorite way of working. To get started with GeoDataHub, choose your desired platform,

We're here to help#

  • Found a bug or need technical support?
  • Need help with billing?
  • Need help setting up GeoDataHub for your data
  • Want to integrate GeoDataHub into your own software?

Or anything else contact


GeoDataHub is developed by the Danish company NextGen Geophysics. To read more about us checkout